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AOI Poetry Video (Feb 2018): 

AOI Poetry Video (Oct 2017)

All Poetry: 

Poem:               Rejection! Accepted!


- Poetry e-book:     Moods and Musings

Your Story Club:

Short Story:       Married Twice!
- Short Story:       Soul-Searching Partner


Article Section:     Attach-Detach Dilemma

Indian TV Today:

Movie Review:       R...Rajkumar 

Magazine: Modern Machine Tools

- Cover Story:         The do’s and make’s of Die and Mould Industry! (Co-author)

- Interface:               Dr. Thorsten Schmidt, Head-Sales, DMG (Co-author)

- Interface:              Gautam Sarup, MD, Marshal Machines

- Interface:              Owen Coyne, MD, Wickman Conventry

- Interface:              Rishi Vora, Manager-Technical, RobinPrecision Tools

- Special Feature:   The Gujarat Gaining Grounds

- Event Report:       DieMould India – Staging Sixth in Scene!(Co-author)

Magazine: Modern Textiles

- Round Table:       Trade on Talk! (Co-author)

- Event Report:      ITMA 2007- Where Innovation Begins!

- Special Feature:  The Weaving Waves! (Co-author)

- Special Feature:  Buttons, Needles, Zips-Garnishing the Garments! (Co-author)

Magazine: Electrical And Electronics

- Special Feature:  Power Projects in India – A Rational Review!

- Special Feature:  EPC- Design, Decipher and Develop!

- Event Report:     ELECRAMA – The World Winning Show! (Co-author)

Magazine: Modern Packaging And Design

- Special Feature:  Designing Dimensions in Packaging!

Magazine: One India One People!  

- Reaching Out:     Log on to

Newspaper: Free Press Journal

- OPED:                 Empowering Villagers by ITC

Newsletter: PackPlus

- Special Feature:  A Review of the Growing Indian Wide-Web Printing Press Market!

- Special Feature:  Indian CI Flexo Press Industry- On theDouble!


- Entertainment:   Blurring Lines: Munnabhai Meets Mr.& Mrs. Iyer! (Co-author)


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