My Shell Speaks!

Easy to find my house! The aroma is different. 

It sneaks its way out from the footer of the door. 
You come closer, you get it more.

No, I don’t keep switches, only the hanging bells.
Run your fingers on it and “someone is here” it tells.
Bright yellow of living room, yes I got myself a sun. 
To illuminate the frames of life, mounted moments of fun!

That is the kitchen, the lovely green that you see.
The colour of home grown veggies… Oh! Let me make you some tea!

The white colour of balcony, looks better in moonlight.
Let's keep some talks for then...You must stay till night.

The purple of bedroom, does it remind you of old days?
Rare marigold flowers you loved! Memories fade, who says!

Oh, so, you are leaving. No, I am not miserable anymore!
The colours have absorbed you… look…they are warmer than before!

If you plan to meet again and do not find me in this lane...
Search't call my name.
I am not so eminent.
Just remember...wherever I will be...the aroma will be different.

(My 1st visit to TPC and 1st ever poetry reading session...)


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