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The night that was... Pratyusha Banerjee

Lying comfortably on my reclining chair, I look at the ceiling. My eyes are still. As I lie still. No I am not dead.I am alive! I am breathing. My eyes are still... But my heart is pumping. Lying comfortably on my reclining chair, what am I thinking! My mind is blank. There are no thoughts. Only silence! The silence that is slowly...erasing my presence. is entering inside... It holds my hand...from the chair as I arise... I move to the shelf...pick a photograph of mine... I see the star of television as she shine... I hold it for a while...May be for the last time...I smile. Another parents hugging me tight. I kiss the frame whispering - "you will be all right"! I move towards the big frame hanging from the wall. Here is me holding hands of a tall. Tall and handsome. Smiling wide. A man who had so much inside. So much to hide. The love I used to see in the eyes of this deep. Deep and True. Shining bright. The love -