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Meet @ Crossroad

One's tear, other's smile. One's acceptance, other's exile. One's fear, other's force. One's delight, other's remorse! The crowd of contrary, meeting at crossroad, for exchange of roles, for shifting the load!

Let fall- let go!

Do the drops sense unevenness of my forehead? Do they find warmth in meeting tears on my cheek? Do they feel wanted when passing through my lips? Do they read fate when falling over my hands? Do they get anxious when reaching my feet? Do they wait to reform & come back for this meet?

No Exchange - No Return

We have this habit of taking it for granted... the people we have, the love we get. Because we are bound to forget, that the time we have, the moments we get, is small, is less, is limited. And nothing comes back to get completed... The half done remains half done. The bygone remains bygone. We look back, we want them back... We extend our hands to search in black... But the time we have, the moments we get, none revert, none reconnect...!