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What do you do when you are frustrated?
Before we proceed with this, let us talk about the term ‘frustration’. Just in case your thoughts are wondering (specially ladies, who relate the term 'frustrated' to some despo guy who might have rushed into them in some forgive & forget days of their pasts), my definition of frustration here is what goes much similar to the concept of 'irritation / annoyance or disappointment'. It just means a not-at-peace mind!

There can be several reasons behind someone's frustration, like:
·         Lot of work pressure
·         Boredom / nothing to do
·         Not getting successful outcomes
·         Unwanted guests
·         The traffic / road jams
·         A session with self-possessive people 
·         Heartbreak
·         Poor health
·         Missing someone badly
·         The feeling of helplessness
·         Suppressed Anger…etc and etc … 

The list is long as sometimes you can get frustrated by a minor issue... and yes, sometimes you might just not get affected by anything. So, all of this actually depends on your state of mind and your defined 'tolerance level' for the day or the moment !

Ok, so coming back to our topic of discussion....when you are frustrated...what are your ways of dealing with it /getting over it?
People have interesting replies! Some of them go for a long walk, some on long drives, some watch movies, wash cars, play games on their computers/mobile phones, listen to songs, cook, wash clothes, sleep, exercise... And, some just turn silent- go in isolation- lost in thoughts- doing nothing!

Very few of them talk to someone!…Yes, while in frustration, people avoid talking. May be because they are afraid of an outburst! The frustration may make them sound rude, angry, irritated and the person on the other end might feel offended... 

What do I do when I am frustrated… Umm… Songs! Yes, definitely songs are the sure-shot formula of getting over some lower level frustrations.  But to deal with the higher ones, I write. I write a lot when I am not at peace… It brings back some sort of stability to my unstable mind!


Nishi said…
I think u r truly blessed that u can write when yr mind is unstable.
And yr frustration is good for all those who love to read ur blog........
Toshi Mishra said…
I dint know this was coming up when you asked me the same question last night..
In your case, what I feel is, agitation of any kind of emotion makes you write good..not just the frustration.

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