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The Gardener!

The bright sunny morning…after incessant series of showers… I look outside my window… The old couple returning from a morning walk, herd of kids leaving for school, Some cars vacating their parking lots and some youngsters chatting near pool… And yes, there is the gardener…trimming those ornamental plants… Trying to manage between the slippery slants… The roses, the geraniums, coleus, cactus and lilies And there lies besides them the bunch of my daisies… Daisies! Where are my daisies? I lean forward to focus…but fail to find them… Running downstairs…I rush towards the garden… “Where are my daisies?” I inquire the gardener. Gasping my breath, withholding my temper…  He stands calm, turns towards me with lazy eyes…  “Oh Madam! Because of rain, several plants die!” Pointing towards a stained blue box, he continues- “There, inside the bin, lie the residues!” “But they looked fine to me; I had seen them last Sunday,” The gardene