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The Friendship That Is Precious!!!

And then one day suddenly, he calls me in the middle of night… “What is it?” I ask, switching on the light... He heaves a sigh making me dead curious… "Is everything fine?” I smell something serious… The silence he maintains is so similar to the dark night… As if the time is at halt…it suddenly gives me a fright… “Tell me what it is; you know you can share…” I try to remain calm and remind him that I care… “I just wished to share something with you,” he speaks… “You may find it an odd hour…but emotions are above beliefs.” “Oh yes, it is all right…I am here to listen to you,” I become apprehensive, what actually he is up to! As I pass through my assumption… He takes the lead and finally starts the conversation… “My life had it all, every comfort I asked for… Unconditional love of people, more than I deserve… I laughed and cried like a normal human… Leading through situations…favourable or adverse… I never needed more…I did not wait for a miracle… God was


This November as I peep out of my window, searching for the signs of Winter, the city smiles at my imprudence... It throws some rays of burning sun, The salted wind and sandy cram Introducing itself to me all over again, Repeating its name, repeating its name “I have given you the power to earn, Strengthened your feet to stand, to run I have given you the shelter, the haven, The today and tomorrow of success and fun’ I have accepted you with open arm, Have showered on you all my charm. Yet you feel detached – disconnected, It makes me sad, I feel offended.” This November as I peep out of my window, searching for the signs of Winter, the city puts me under several allegations. “Accept me” it pleads, but I am lost in my own reflections. “You are right’ I begin, “but even I am not wrong. The impression of something on me is rather more strong. I am longing for my town, my native destination I miss its warmth, it love, its affection. You have given me the power to