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You Said It!

Today after dropping me at my office, when you turned back, just to say, “take care”… a sudden thought emerged in my mind… Words, which are so common and which are so commonly used… how important they appear to me when said by you… And now I sit to pen down some of these cliché phrases you say between the stretch of morning to evening…and analyse the meaning they hold for me - 1. Good Morning: As the ray of sun peeps through our window You whisper these words, still sinked in your pillow… And it ignites my mind…energizes me to start the day… Convincing me good things await to come my way… 2. Am Waiting: For a meal…a walk in garden or an interesting TV show… You dig me out of chores with this lingo… And the moments of togetherness that get generated… All because you said “You waited!” 3. Take Care: Leaving me for a moment…few hours…or a day… Your always hold my hand and tend to convey… That the distance between- brings you a concern… And I have to be fine till you see me again… 4