Will I?

A starry night…
… bright….
…. beautiful...

"It gives peace", says my friend.
"Does it?" I question.

"Yes, of course. See the beauty, feel the nature, it will take you to some other world. It soothes," he emphasizes.

"No! This beauty makes me sad. It worries me," I state.
"What? Why is it so?" my friend sounds surprised.

"Because this beauty is not long-lasting. It is temporary. Today you find the sky alluring, but tomorrow, it will all be surrounded by clouds. You will find darkness all over. None of the stars would blink. And then you would miss this beauty. You would crave for it. You will feel the pain." I open up.
"That is illogical," he asserts.

"Is it?" I ask. "What if the sky is always dark? What if you never get to know how beautiful it can appear with twinkling stars and bright moon? You will never get to know how sky can change, how will it look after a change....and so, you don't expect it to look better....u accept it the way it is. And so you are not hurt by any transition." I explain.

"You are not talking sense," his voice has become louder.

"Nothing is permanent in this world. Things change, people change - sometimes for good, sometimes for bad. You need to accept that. You face this inconsistency every day and live with the ups and downs of changing seasons, changing moods, changing life....," he clarifies.

"Yes, you are right. And so, I wish that if there has to be ugly things, there should only be the ugly things....if beautiful ones...then only those....change is not required. Who wants inconsistency? I don't," I react."I..."

"Hold on...,"he intrudes. "You are talking of changes in others. But about your own self? Even you have changed with each passing day...how can you control that?" he questions.

"I know I can not control - neither others nor myself. And that is what upsets me," I find it hard to control my emotions.
"You can not run away from facts. Just look at the sky, appreciate its present beauty, don't brood over the past or future," he proposes.

"The beautiful sky gives you peace," I take over, "but it makes me restless. The beauty appears to be a messenger of the ugliness following soon. A good news tells me that a bad one is waiting the next door. Smiles appear to be wet by the following tears. I stay confused. Whom to own?" my voice gets choked.
"But you can not change the rule of nature. This is how it is meant to be. I am sure you will learn to accept," he assures.

"Will I?..," I ask myself…


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