Going Down The Memory Lane

A full-time job…starting from 9 am…and ending only when you are fully exhausted….leaves little scope for spending quality time with people around.

I don’t remember when was the last time Vik and I went to spend some quality time together….just the two of us….Mostly we are busy at work, if not… our outings are in groups…else we are just not in the mood. None is at fault…neither he nor I…as we are tied up with several things. And being tied up is not a compulsion, we actually love working, being in groups, planning get-togethers….

Yet at times going down the memory lane I try to analyze….have I grown too old to relive the ‘just two of us’ moments…....not sure….

I remember how just few months ago after spending a long day at office, we used to go for a tea/coffee, samosas, biryaanis….sitting anywhere…simply anywhere. Whether it was a road side dhaba or a sophisticated restaurant…that mattered less….purpose was to laugh over silly things forgetting the other piled-up works. It was never like walking hand in hand or being romantic….I believe we were too hooked up with the sense of friendship than love…..we still are actually…

These days I just feel like flipping through the old pages of-

- ‘Barista’ Blues
Prime Time visits at ‘Prime Mall’
Evenings at ‘Sanjeev’
‘Movies’ at Midnight
‘Lucky’ Day Charm
Greenery of ‘Grass’
‘Titan’ Tranquility
Silent ‘Shore’ Views…
Etc…and etc….

I hope we get to create more of such memories...as life is too short to 'just' let it go...


"just for you" said…
This is something which i miss too. Just as you flip the old pages, i also try to remember the times we spent...just TOGETHER. I will not say that things or time has changed...but yes....its not that same at all. But i know one thing for sure that we have not walked too far not to be able to walk on those lanes once again....

I still cherish the moments we spent...roaming anywhere...everywhere. Those special "signing off" from Barista Cafe or the "typical" menu at the Temptation...or the Paneer pakoda and Paani-poori of Prime Mall...everything is fresh in my mind....and i can just promise you...that this friendship will always be there...no matter how old we grow or how experience we become by the time goneby.

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