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'The' End !

One life and so many ambitions Countless thoughts and endless perceptions You make hundreds of promises You take thousands of responsibilities You plan a bright future and You believe you have the abilities You keep on adding to the wish list And work hard on meeting deadline You think one day you will have everything And then things would be just fine But as the human nature goes Your demand will keep rising One life and two hands Will fail in satisfying You will never stop, as goes the trend End is only where - you meet the end

2 States...

Finished '2 States' by Chetan Bhagat today...Nicely all his previous books...Enjoyed reading it... I loved the part where the narrator meets a Guruji...Chetan has the ability to make you feel related to the stories he writes. And that is why his books sell. But may be now his writing should take up different subjects....All his books follow the similar story pattern....linguistic structure....I, as a reader, expect more from him....

Soulful Songs

L ife without music can not be imagined....... My day starts and ends with matter In what mood I am...and so I keep on searching for something new always... It is amazing how few songs go deep in heart bringing peace, or adding joy, or reading your pain....I find them literal sense.

Missing My Town....

I t is more than 3 years since I have been a part of Chhath celebrations at my hometown. Born and brought up among these festivals, I really miss the excitement we used to have for them. As I said, I love Diwali….it is my favourite festival and the following Chhath has equally been of importance. I miss the way we used to welcome these festivals…. Early morning around 4, we used to get ready to take a stroll down the bridge…simply to witness the heavenly scene of thousands of 'diyas' lit around the river and many floating in as well….people folding hands and standing in water…dip till their waist….the chants... vermilion marked foreheads...fragrance of incense sticks..... showed the real religious India....the faith...the presence of the Almighty.....nothing superstitious...but just the belief that there is someone above you- taking care of you..... In Mumbai, things are different. Here we have a different culture around. I know the entire city (almost)….yet I feel I

Diwali '09

Diwali has always been my favourite festival.... I love the 'Diyas', candels....all lit in a sequence....heavenly.... Since childhood, I have never been excited about crackers, not too keen towards a new dress on Diwali....but have just loved to be on the top most floor and see the city sparkling....It gives me peace....makes the world appear beautiful....