We Will Miss You!

The Group of six – Vikas, Mihir, Abhishek, Adarsh, Parthiv & Ashutosh

“We understand death for the first time when ‘it’ puts its hand upon one whom we love.”

Abhishek Anand, a part of our Mumbai ‘gang’ recently left us for his journey to heaven.

And as I heard this from Vik early morning on 13th, I felt like saying, “Come on, this is not the time to crack such a horrible joke.” But his tears made me accept the fact and I was deeply shocked.

We all were shocked!

I know my pain is much less than that of his family, relatives and close friends…He was mere 26-27. And I feel that there has been an ‘Injustice’.

I have known Abhishek for last two years. Our first meeting was on Sept 11, 2007 at Prime Mall, Andheri when Vik introduced me to his friends and brothers. Since then I have known him as a fun-loving, easy-going guy. Though yes, at times I used to find him a bit blunt. He and I used to get in arguments several times and yes, he was famous as my ‘not-so-favourite devar’. But hey! That was never a serious issue….as neither I hated him for anything nor did he. I was against some of his thoughts and attitudes, but that does not mean I was not close to him. Infact I admired his hard work, struggle in life, sincerity, honesty and love for his friends.

Whenever he would wear a new t-shirt or shirt, he would ask, “Bhabhi, kaisa hai?,” and I would say, ‘Perfect’. We also used to have lot of discussion on novels. He used to suggest me several of his fav and I would always ask him to read Nicholas. Every time we met, he would check my cell for new downloaded songs, then would let me hear what he would have uploaded. And yes, above all, he was my ‘diet guru’. He used to give useful tips on ‘how to loose weight’ and yes, I used to follow them…sincerely.

I met him last on 2nd Aug, 2009.

Though generally I do not make his special ‘sugar-free’ tea,…that day I did….. I had seen him stay awake the whole night with us for Vivek Bhaiya and so was a bit concerned. I knew he cared for all of us. I also made ‘poha’ for breakfast…. whole day the group was together at my place, then bhaiya’s place…laughing, eating, resting…..I never knew I was seeing him for the last time…..

His sudden demise has brought significant change in all of us. Today we all know that life is totally unpredictable and so each day has to be special. The bond in the group has turned strong….all misunderstandings, complains and ego-clashes in the group have lost significance. We look for more get-togethers, more talking, sharing….making memorable moments…Abhishek left teaching us some valuable lessons of life…..which I hope we would always remember.

Abhishek was the only son of his family, the only support. I know the gap can never be filled, but I just want to assure Abhishek (wherever he is) that his Group would always be there with his family….no matter what…

May his soul lie in peace.

We all miss him.


Mihir said…
Nicely Written.

Abhishek had a Pure soul .... an Innocent smile .... and a very logical brain. A great friend and I had an amazing chemistry with him... every friday he used to call me up... "Kya plans hai" This was his question to me,he knew wat i'll say and we both used to laugh on that!!

God .... how can u do this to your own child.... Death is reality.. but u should have shown some dignity in the way u took him away from us.... His parents couldn't recognise his face .... :( I can't forgive God for the way he "Punished" my friend.... I will never...... !!!!!

Every moment that we shared, every laugh that we had... was and will remain in my heart...... I remeber 16th Feb 2004 .... You came on my B'day party.......and that started a journey.... a journey called Friednship......

Abhsihek, I know you'r reading this... Dost, jst keeep that smile on your face..... I know my cellfone will ring every friday... may be i wouldn't hear the tone.....but I know you'll call up!

May your soul Rest In Peace!!
We'll misss you.... Always!!

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