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We Will Miss You!

The Group of six – Vikas, Mihir, Abhishek , Adarsh, Parthiv & Ashutosh “We understand death for the first time when ‘it’ puts its hand upon one whom we love.” Abhishek Anand, a part of our Mumbai ‘gang’ recently left us for his journey to heaven. And as I heard this from Vik early morning on 13th, I felt like saying, “Come on, this is not the time to crack such a horrible joke.” But his tears made me accept the fact and I was deeply shocked. We all were shocked! I know my pain is much less than that of his family, relatives and close friends…He was mere 26-27. And I feel that there has been an ‘Injustice’. I have known Abhishek for last two years. Our first meeting was on Sept 11, 2007 at Prime Mall, Andheri when Vik introduced me to his friends and brothers. Since then I have known him as a fun-loving, easy-going guy. Though yes, at times I used to find him a bit blunt. He and I used to get in arguments several times and yes, he was famous as my ‘not-so-favourite deva