NEw WoMen ErA

Yesterday while returning 4m office, I did witness the 'New Women' era.

There was a massive traffic jam near the sub-way. We do not have a signal or a traffic police man placed there. People were stuffing in their vehicles 4m all sides. My auto rickshaw also managed to get in the queue. It was more than 20 min and the situation was getting worse. The four wheeler holders were cursing the two-wheelers and vice-versa. Horns were pressed all through-out in frustration.

And suddenly, like it happens in movies, a girl in her 20s got down from her purple scooty to take an effort. She went to the last vehicle on the left side and asked it to move back. He obeyed....and then one by one all the vehicles started moving back. "Bhaiya thoda aur peechhe lena, uncle thoda aur".....she kept on insisting. Gradually more people joined in to help the vehicles move back.

And finally, the vehicles from right side could find their way, easing the pressure on the left side of the road. In 5 min, the road tuned in to a smooth traffic.

I appreciate that girl...for taking the initiative.


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