Just for you!

This is for you - MY DEAR HUSBAND!

Two months and a week post our marriage, I land here to write something about you Vik .... not because you told me once "When will you write something about me in your blog?".... But because I want to pen down my thoughts for you.

It has not been long since I have known you ... so, I can not be sure if I can actually read your mind always or can feel your feelings and match your thoughts, but yes, today I know you to the level I need to. I have found you different from the other men I have interacted with in my school, college, office or society (I will not call them boys, because they all have turned into men now) ... I find you more calm, more patient and more strong within. May be that you have gained these values because of the struggles you have seen in life. Losing Papa at the peak point of your career and nursing Mummy for the further years to help her get a new life ... you have seen the irony of life very closely. You were strong always, to fight and win, without complaining. And I admire you for that. I respect your strength. It is not that before we met, we did not know the meaning of "Love". We have had our own share of crushes and affairs....right? Yet, we stand today, with as much belief on each other as any couple would have ... because we have crossed that age of looking for options ... we are searching for peace now ... When I look back, I find that we both have been so real ... never trying to impress each other being what we were not ... We always acted mature (didn't we?) ... At least in deciding what we wanted ... I don't remember sitting with you planning things related to our future ... infact we just had decisions ... always ... and we carried them. I remember it was not so quick ... I took time to be comfortable with you ... to start sharing my thoughts with you ... I actually took time. But you respected it, you never pushed things on me. I feel that freedom even today, you still don't force me for doing anything I don't want to. I know you care for me so much.... I have seen your face turn bright if I smile on any of your joke or if I crack into laughter on some silly thing that you do. You are happy when I am happy ... With me in your life, you have become more lively, your friends say this. And if it is true, I am glad ... at least I could add something to your life. And if the question arises on what you have added to my life, the list is beyond anyone's thought. You have given me a new life ... and you know that. It is not that we have a perfect relation. We have arguments, quarrels, tearful episodes and rude words between us at times. But yes, we never have the ego ... and may be so in a moment we forget and forgive. Don't you think we are too generous to each other :)
I know myself ... I get irritated easily ... want everything to be perfect ... and at times OVER-REACT .... (yes, this word has to be in all-caps .... right?) But, you know that I am improving, I am trying to be more patient like you ... We both know Vik that life is unpredictable. But today I will take this opportunity to tell you that this unpredictable life no more scares me with the untold future ... because you have promised me that 'you will always be with me at each and every step of my life to guide, understand and love me'. What more can I ask for? Holding your hand I will cross all the hurdles ... Similarly, if you are in doubt, I will guide you towards light ...

So, now, as we walk together to cover the journey of life, let me wish us both a BON VOYAGE...


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