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2007 - had so much in its hand!!!

One more year…ready to leave the calendar pages… Yesterday one of my close friends asked me during a casual conversation, “So, how was year 2007 for you?” I replied philosophically… “It was better than 2006.” Had recently caught these lines from the movie ‘Khoya-khoya chand’, Shiney askes Soha what plans she has for the future and she replies - “To make it better than today…” Year 2007, to be precise, has been nice to me….in fact it has been wonderful… In terms of career, this year I finished my college…and thus my studies….though I plan to add more to the ‘educational qualification’ column in my CV later in life. Further, gaining a high position at an NGO and then moving to be the sub-editor of four magazines at another company (though this is not the ultimate goal or place)…what more could I ask from mere 365 days! Have gained a lot of confidence and yes, the assurance that I will never be jobless (I realize I have gained that value and image in the professional worl