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Journey – The Beginning or The End

Journey – The Beginning or The End I remember the day we first met….. With a hesitant handshake and a nervous smile, We greeted each-other in our best style. Sitting in front of each other, we tried to be normal, But conversation remained to be limited and formal. Every time the eyes met, it was like a thief has been caught, With several ‘thank you’ and ‘sorry’, comfort was sought. We were smiling at ourselves; the moment was so particular, For rest of our lives, we were going to be together. Few years since then, the situation has not changed much- With a fumbled ‘Good Morning’, we start a new day, Things to share remain, but we lack in time to listen or say. When we sit with each other, even now we try to be normal, ‘How has been your day?’ the conversation still remains formal. We get to see the blankness, when our eyes meet today, But yet we feel like thieves, for hiding our thoughts that has turned grey. We smile even now – not on ourselves – but our situation, We had started a be

WHAT.....(May 2003)

WHAT... What are you looking for?? Is it the pretty moon that has hidden itself behind the cloud? Or is it a prettier face you have found in the world's crowd? What are you thinking of?? Is it about the depth an ocean can hold? Or is it about those eyes whose depth can never be told? What are you trying to hide?? Is it gold, diamond or some other precious treasure? Or is it those handful of memories which hold worthless pleasure? What are you petrified of?? Is it the fear of the unknown or the anxiety of where your future lands? Or is it the dread of losing the hold of those hands???