In Search......

In Search of Myself...

Living each day and each moment, I feel as if I am in search of myself.

How can I claim to know others, when I am not sure who and what I am!

I am in search –

What makes me happy?

Is it the peace, the smiles on faces around me, gifts, good words, delicious food, a journey to a new place, watching TV, reading, sleeping…what??

I am not sure…. because at times all these things fail to make me happy… and that is when I feel… I am yet in search.

What makes me sad?

Is it the difficulties of life, the tears, pain, failures, other’s misunderstandings, a crack in my favourite flower-pot, a friend going far….what??

I am not sure…because at times all these things appear too small to make me sad…and that is when I feel…. I am yet in search.

I am in search of myself…

I want to know what makes me happy and sad. I want to know my aim, my duties…. my demerits, plus-points and my priorities.

I want to know myself, so that then I can claim to know others.


"just for you" said…
Life is such a journey where the destinations are not pre-decided and you need to walk on the paths which you feel right at that very moment. So, there will be so many ups and downs, and in the midst of it, it will be hard to explore everything about you, because you'll change your way here and there when required.

But since you are in search of "U", sometime or other, u'll surely be able to find yourself. I m sure about it. U keep walking....and never stop. Dont look back to see what you left, look ahead what you need to strive for.

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