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In Search......

In Search of Myself...

Living each day and each moment, I feel as if I am in search of myself.

How can I claim to know others, when I am not sure who and what I am!

I am in search –

What makes me happy?

Is it the peace, the smiles on faces around me, gifts, good words, delicious food, a journey to a new place, watching TV, reading, sleeping…what??

I am not sure…. because at times all these things fail to make me happy… and that is when I feel… I am yet in search.

What makes me sad?

Is it the difficulties of life, the tears, pain, failures, other’s misunderstandings, a crack in my favourite flower-pot, a friend going far….what??

I am not sure…because at times all these things appear too small to make me sad…and that is when I feel…. I am yet in search.

I am in search of myself…

I want to know what makes me happy and sad. I want to know my aim, my duties…. my demerits, plus-points and my priorities.

I want to know myself, so that then I can claim to know others.

That Is How I Feel Your Presence………!!! (April 17, 2007)

That is how I feel your presence……………

As I get up every morning and look at the small calendar of Ganesha in my room, with the hope that he will give a better start to the day…… I know that a pair of hands…. has joined mine to pray for my bright days.

As I walk down the lane, to reach the station and catch my 7.30 train…. I know that a pair of legs….. walks along with mine……. to make my journey comfortable.

As I enter the office, with loads of work waiting for me, I know that I will complete them all … someone has entered my mind to make it peaceful and patient.

Yes, I know that you are with me always…watching every move of mine.

I know that when I smile, you feel proud….of being able to give me happiness…..and I know that you feel guilty, when my eyes shed tears (even when you are not at fault).

I know that whenever I take a decision, you unknowingly guide me to the right path and still let me free to choose my way.....

You know when I am upset………. what has made me angry!!! You kn…