MY THOUGHTS (March 2004)

Once I sat perceived with exempted thoughts:

How to depict Love??
Is it a commitment, a compassion,
or a tender-age relation?
A thought , a feel,
or mere an illusion?

I kept on searching for the definition,
till my heart gave me the clue-
Love is nothing else,
but love is You...

Again I sat perceived with exempted thoughts:

How to depict You??

A feel to feel, a cause to live,
or rather a flavour of remembrance?
Authentic like life, irresistible like dream,
or just a shadow to prove my existence?

Sometimes happy, sometimes annoyed,
sweet as honey and animated like a child.
Your innocence, your simplicity,can not be stated-
You need to be insulated...

Once again I sat, but now perceived with apprehensive thoughts:

How to insulate You??

Cruel world, uncertain fate,
Seldom joys and a lot of pain,
I beg- I struggle,
that my efforts do not go in vain.

I have to protect you,
for me and myself,
with my own hope,
with my own help.

It is with your smilethat my breath is related,
And our this relation-can never be depicted......


In a simple sentence "Love is an Illussion". Many ppl ask me why I say that. We see the world, the way our brain wants us to see rather we want to see. In one of the text I read long back It was mentioned "Reality is an Illussion, Albeit a persistent one".

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