“Optimism”- the 49th rule that the Indian cricket team follows besides the other 48 rules they learn for the game. Everyday is a new day for our players. Everyday they make a new beginning forgetting the won and the lost games of the past. Indian youth who get frustrated just by failing in an examination can learn a lot from the Indian cricket team. Whatever comes in the way, life and cricket moves on.


In India, cricket is not just a game- but a medium through which all the abuses you learn from the street people can be recited once or twice in praise of the players during their uneven batting, bowling or fielding. You can bring out your frustration bluntly sitting before the TV and no one would ever mind. Cricket is also an issue which can help you eat anything on the dining table with a tête-à-tête on it. Besides this, cricket also gives you Oscar nominated movies like ‘Lagaan’. And don’t forget about the additions that the Indian cricket team makes to our vocabulary. You certainly must be remembering the word ‘AIGA’ given by Mongia, and even might be using it in your daily life, no matter you know its meaning or not.
What more can you ask for? Where Indian team gives you so much, you must neglect how it performs on the field. At the end of the day, they are also humans.


There is something unique about the Indian cricket team which can not be found anywhere else. Before every cricket match, the Australian team knows that it is going to win; the Zimbabwean team knows that it has its chances only over India. But our Indian team- totally unpredictable.

In any case, games are all about excitements. After a game you may praise one player and just in the following one you may shift on to the other. You never know if a good one day player might be out on the first ball in a one day series and might go over centuries in the test series. Even a renowned astrologer like Sunita Menon can’t predict the performance of the Indian cricket team. Now that is what we call- a game.


But is that all that the Indian cricket gives you? No. Indian cricket team also gives you several sensational stories, take for example- the Match fixing. Controversy begins taking the front page of the newspapers. Knowledgeable people like Mahesh Bhatt (who thinks it is his right to speak on every issue), give their comments and the public goes on with everlasting debates. However, Sanjay Vyas, a Rajkot-based advocate, had filed the First Information Report against Indian cricketers. Vyas had alleged in his complaint that Azhar's and Jadeja's acts were a case of betrayal of the nation and cheating, which deserved to be severely punished. Rajkot Police Commissioner Sudhir Sinha registered his complaint. According to the FIR, Azhar had fixed three matches. One of them was India's match against South Africa in Rajkot. Vyas said that Azhar had admitted that Jadeja and he fixed the 29th October, 1996 match, which was played at the Municipal Corporation ground. Further they were banned from playing and thus the matter came to an end.


If there is another striking and unique feature Indian cricket team fans would love to discuss on, is the performance of the team in the finals. In last years, out of 50 finals, India has won 18, lost 27 and for 5 there has been no results. But… no complains. After all India has done well in the past. If you get a machine, it works perfectly in the beginning. Gradually its parts get old and rusted and you change those parts with the new one. But a time comes when even the changing of the parts doesn’t help improve the performance of the machine. It is similar with the Indian cricket team. But is that something you must comment on? No. After all, the team provides a lot of other things.


With the Indian cricket team around, the big companies get a chance to shift from the usual faces of Bollywood actors to the cricket personalities in order to promote their products. Nazrana Technologies, one of the leading manufacturers of mobile entertainment, has recently announced the launch of a range of products as mobile games, wallpapers, screensavers, themes and SMS based on India's premier batsman Sachin Tendulkar. Even Rahul Dravid has signed up a multi-crore three-year deal with the Bank of Baroda and would be the Brand Ambassador of the bank for the above period.


Where the Indian Prime Minister is so much worried about the peace relation with the Pakistan, the cricket team is absolutely away from this tension. They may make lewd remarks, aggressive gestures or foul comments on each other during the game but off the field they have a lot of good things to say about the other. On the recent Pakistan visit of Harbhajan and Nehra, the Pakistan player Afridi said, “This once again proves that off-the-field we are good friends and enjoy each others company. Of course, in the field, we are competitive and great rivals because we carry the hopes of our supporters, but off-the-field, things are different.” So, cricket helps even in improving relations with the other countries. And which country won’t be happy with the Indian players. After all they are the ones who make their chances of winning high.


The emotional attachment between the Indian players and their fans is the pillar behind all the emotional TV serials that Ekta Kapoor makes. She got the hint of India being emotional fool only from the reactions India showed on the performances of the Indian cricket team. If India loses a game, many people skip their lunch or dinner, some of them get headache, some cry in despair and some just go on cursing the team. Even the players shed tears, blame their own preparations and move out of the stadium down headed. This creates a strong relation between all of them and so you can see that in India the number of fans for Cricket is the most as compared to the other games.


The shifting of the Captainship from Ganguly to Dravid appears to be a rule just like the recent rule of shifting the Chief Justice of one state to another after a certain period of time. With this making no impact, even the coach got changed. However, the new coach, Greg Chappel has a lot of new ideologies which he want the Indian team to follow. His first concern is not the Batting, Bowling or the Fielding aspect, but- the Food. He has been recommending vegetarianism for all, from athletes to businessmen, and credits his vegetarian diet for improving his own health. In his book 'Health and Fitness', Chappell says that giving up meat and dairy products in favour of healthier foods like soya and vegetables made him feel stronger and healthier. He joined the highest Indian wicket-taker Anil Kumble , who has also appeared in People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) advertisements promoting healthful veggie foods. But what about working on the performance of the Indian team? Ok - Chappel is still confused about from where to start.


Indian cricket team follows the philosophy that we are taught in our school days- “It is important that you participate in a game. Winning or losing comes next.” Our players also believe in participation. It is a game- something that we do for fun. What is there to be frustrated about? Whenever there is a match, put your TV on and show that you are loyal to your country. Say, “Come on India” twice or thrice and then when your team loses the game, say, “Luck is all that we need.” However, keeping the Cups aside, Indian cricket team will certainly give you more new reasons why you should love and support it. Sunil Gavaskar, once rightly said – “Indian Cricket Team- Unique in every sense.”


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I will use only one word to describe this article - wonderful!!!
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